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Thu, Jun 8, 2023 at 06:19 PM

The Marshall Wound Healing Center: Changing More Than Just Wound Bandages

There is a saying that goes, “Your life can change in an instant.” For Melissa Landers, that saying became very true when she found herself in need of triple bypass surgery on November 14, 2022, and the healing process did not go as planned.

“I knew something wasn’t right,” Landers said. “I was a nurse for 10 years, and I knew my incision site just didn’t look right. I also began running a high fever.”

Two weeks after the surgery, Landers found herself back in the hospital where they had to remove a large amount of her skin and tissue all the way down to the bone.

“I am a diabetic,” she said, “so healing is difficult for me. I was in so much pain.”

A home-health nurse came to change Landers wound bandage and noticed the wound was still not healing properly and suggested she visit the Marshall Wound Healing Center.

“I was terrified,” Landers said. “I had only ever opened up my wound to my home-health nurse in my own home. I was in the worst pain imaginable at home, but I did not want to go the Wound Center and expose it in public to risk infection.”

Little did Melissa know at the time, but the Marshall Wound Healing Center was exactly what she needed.

“My emotions were all over the place,” she said. “I walked in the door scared out of my wits and in a great deal of pain, but Ms. Mosley knew exactly what to say to calm me down on day one.”

Renee Mosley was Landers’ nurse when she first came to the Marshall Wound Healing Center.

Landers is a Douglas local and a biology instructor at Wallace State Community College. She actually had Renee’s children as students in her class.

“I knew Ms. Mosley, which made it even more awkward for me,” Landers said. “Here I was crying like a big ole baby in front of someone who knew me in a professional setting.”

Renee reassured her that it was perfectly normal to cry and to be scared after such a large surgery.

“Not only were they there to care for my physical wound, but they were helping me cope mentally, as well,” Landers said.

With the expertise and professionalism of the Marshall Wound Healing Center, Landers opened up her wound and the real healing process began.

“The Wound Center was life changing,” Landers said. “They truly know how to care for a wound. I felt so much relief after one visit.”

As Landers’ next visit started to approach, her emotions were different this time.

“I was nervous for my second visit because I just knew I was not going to get a nurse as good as Ms. Mosley,” she said, “but they were all the same. Every nurse worked the same way and none of them varied in the way they treated me or cared for my wound. There truly was not a bad apple in the bunch.”

Landers’ personalized healing plan scheduled her to come to the wound center from December 2022 to April 2023.

“Seeing the patients heal is my favorite thing about working in wound health,” Sabrina Cassels, Director of the Marshall Wound Healing Center said. “We have a ‘heal bell’ right in our hallway. When a patient who has been coming here awhile gets to ring that bell, you can just tell it means a lot to them. It’s just a reminder of why we do what we do.”

Landers is so appreciative to have the Marshall Wound Healing Center in Marshall County.

“We are so blessed to have this Wound Center in Marshall County,” she said. “I knew it was here, but I had no idea the impact it had on patients in our community until I stepped through the doors.”

“The Marshall Wound Healing Center was exactly what I needed at the lowest point in my life,” she said, “and I cannot praise them enough.”

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