Marshall Mobility

The smart ride to your medical visits.

Marshall Medical GoldCare 55+

Marshall Medical Centers has a new transportation service available for wheelchair-bound and mobility-impaired people.

Marshall Mobility is a non-emergency medical van service available to individuals who use wheelchairs or walkers and have limited options for getting to medical appointments and other needs. Vans are equipped to carry up to two wheelchairs and one adult passenger. A rider can bring his or her own wheelchair in the van or use one provided. Those on a walker can use a ramp to get into a van and sit in one of the passenger seats. Up to two people can accompany the person being transported.

To insure availability, riders are asked to schedule rides at least a couple days before the transport. Most transports are scheduled days to weeks in advanced. Same day requests are possible, depending on demand.

Van drivers are CPR-trained and vehicles are equipped with first aid kits, including AEDs. Drivers will assist with the loading and unloading of riders.

To schedule a ride or for any questions please email or call us at 256-571-8847.

Transport fees:

  • One way transports:
    • Inside Marshall County - $30
    • To Madison, Jackson, DeKalb, Etowah, Blount, Cullman and Morgan counties - $60
  • Round trip transports inside Marshall County:
    • Ambulatory - $45
    • Wheelchair - $60
  • Round trip to Madison, Jackson, DeKalb, Etowah, Blount, Cullman and Morgan counties: $100
  • Additional stop fee: $10

*Round trip transports are subject to a wait time fee after the first 30 minutes. The fee of $12 is charged in one-hour increments. Contract rates are available to long term care facilities.

Riders must meet the following requirements:

  • Be able to sit up and hold themselves up without assistance during transport
  • Be able to stand and pivot, with or without assistance
  • Must not be aggressive
  • If confused, a caregiver/historian must accompany the rider.

Payment of fees will be collected by van driver and must be made by cash, check or debit card. Marshall Mobility does not bill for transports.