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Fri, Dec 9, 2016 at 12:00 AM

Students get a big dose of professionalism

From business clothes to proper manners and polished interview skills.

At the Marshall County Youth Leadership December meeting, head of human resources for Marshall Medical Centers, Sabrina Weaver, told students how important it is to dress properly for a job interview – that means no flip-flops, no shorts, tank tops, T-shirts or bare midriffs.  

“Make sure you’re clean, neat and dress appropriately for the situation,” she said.

She had sobering advice for teens considering body piercings, tattoos or dying their hair an unnatural color.

“You’re putting yourself at a disadvantage,” she warned. “It is legal for employers to discriminate against you for nose piercings or a gauge in your ear. That’s their right. When you make those choices you’re narrowing your options in the job market.”

Students learned about good manners from etiquette gurus Dianna Adams and Mary Shurette, then they practiced what they learned during lunch at the festively-decorated Lumpkin House in Albertville. They heard do’s and don’ts of business dress from Albertville businesses Whitten’s Town and Country and Whimsy Edge.

The juniors from nine high schools in Marshall County were interviewed and selected for the program. The meet monthly throughout the school year to find out about their home county, as well as to practice the qualities of a leader.

MCYL is sponsored by the Marshall County Leadership Challenge Alumni, Citizen’s Bank and Marshall Medical Centers.