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Guntersville Police Chief and MCYL
Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson spoke to MCYL about public safety and the importance of being resilient as a leader.

Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 09:15 PM

Student leaders learn from local government leaders

MCYL students got an inside look at what it takes to be leader in the local community.

Local students participating in the Marshall County Youth Leadership program (MCYL) gained in-depth knowledge about public safety and local government during the program’s recent session.

The young leaders heard from several county officials throughout the day who spoke about their job duties and professional and educational backgrounds.  

The speakers included Judge Mitch Floyd of the Marshall County District Court, Marshall County Sheriff Phil Sims and Chief Deputy Doug Gibbs, as well as Assistant District Attorney Adam Culbert, and Marshall County Circuit Court judges Chris Abel and Tim Riley.

The students also listened to Jim Peterson, chief of the Guntersville Police Department, speak about the importance of being courageous and resilient as a leader.

Courthouse visit with Mayors

Additionally, the high-schoolers took trips to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office and courthouse to get a look inside of the facilities. At the courthouse, the group visited a courtroom, and while there had the opportunity to speak with local mayors who formed a panel to answer students’ questions.

The mayors on the panel were: Leigh Dollar (Guntersville), Corey Hill (Douglas), Tracy Honea (Albertville), and Larry Walker (Grant).

Answering the students’ questions, the mayors discussed topics including working together as community leaders, what they enjoy about their roles, and similarities and differences between the county’s municipalities. 

Following the panel presentation, the students separated into five groups around the courtroom, and participated in a breakout session with the mayors. In the groups, students asked the mayor of the city they reside in (or live closest to) specific questions about their city.

The high school juniors participating in MCYL were selected through an interview process. During the school year, the students meet monthly to broaden their leadership skills and learn more about Marshall County. MCYL is sponsored by Marshall Medical, Marshall County Leadership Challenge Alumni Association and Citizens Bank & Trust.