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SmartStart boys group at Douglas Elementary
Douglas Elementary 5th grade boys get a lesson on the benefits of exercise as part of the SmartStart program.

Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 09:00 PM

SmartStart gives boys and girls a good head start on healthy exercise habits

Douglas Elementary 5th graders had fun and got a good workout thanks to Marshall Medical's SmartStart program.

Fifth-grade boys and girls at Douglas Elementary School received a lesson in exercise and entering adolescence through Marshall Medical's SmartStart program.

In girls-only and boys-only groups, the students listened to Julie Waldrep, labor and delivery nurse, and Mark Brock, wellness coach and nurse, explain changes that occur with puberty.
The elementary students were able to have fun and get moving through exercise. , Gracie Likos and Ryne Jordan, exercise physiologists from TherapyPlus, led the groups in heart-pumping workouts with exercises ranging from push-ups and crunches to lunges and jumping jacks.
The physiologists also told the fifth-graders about the importance of stretching before and after exercising. They explained that playing sports counts as physical activity, and gave the students tips on how they can achieve exercise moves using form that is both effective and comfortable.
This health-education program is for fifth-grade students and is free to schools in Marshall County. SmartStart includes presentation and exercise segments led by Marshall Medical healthcare professionals. Contact the marketing department at 256-571-8023 for more information.

Marshall Medical provides fitness and wellness services for all ages - you can learn more about TherapyPlus here...