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Wed, Oct 18, 2023 at 01:03 PM

Physical therapy leads to huge improvement for car wreck victim

Daniel Robinson had a car wreck almost two years ago that injured his spinal cord. When he started working with a physical therapist last year, he couldn’t sit up on his own. Now he’s up to 207 steps and can get into a seated position and hold it.

“I’ve come a long way since I started therapy,” says the 34-year-old Crossville resident. “I’m able to walk now. I can stand. And my range of motion has gotten a whole lot better. I was not expecting to be able to do all that.”

Robinson travels three times a week from Crossville to the Marshall Therapy & Sports Rehab facility in Boaz. Therapy is a long-term commitment for him in an effort to restore his body to the best condition he can.

“I’ve been really pleased with Marshall Medical,” he says. “The first year or so after my wreck, the physical therapy I was going to wasn’t nearly as good. This has definitely been worth it.”

Daniel’s therapist, Collin Collins, said he couldn’t sit on the bed and balance himself when he first started. He has made amazing progress.

“No one works harder around here,” he said.

Robinson usually starts his work out on a stepper machine for 10 minutes. He then works to improve his balance by standing and marching his legs.

“I do a lot of things trying to build the muscles in my hips and in my legs.

Occupational Therapist Lauren Lee works with Daniel on stretching, strengthening, core control and posture.

“He’s definitely gotten so much stronger,” she said. “He’ll try anything we ask him to do.”

October is National Physical Therapy Month – a time to acknowledge the profession and the ways physical therapists and physical therapy assistants help people get moving.

Physical therapy is a program to help people return to full strength, function and mobility after a sickness, an injury or surgery. Physical therapists often combine techniques to help patients move without pain or with less pain. These include stretching and balance exercises, strength training, massage, cold and heat therapy, and electrical stimulation. In addition to adult and pediatric physical therapy options, there are also certain exercises to treat specific conditions, such as sports injuries or arthritis.