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Marsha Chadwick of TherapyPlus shares fitness tips with seniors at a GoldCare 55+ Lunch N' Learn.

Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 07:35 PM

New clubs motivate seniors to get moving, stay healthier

GoldCare 55+ introduces two fun, new ways to encourage seniors to stay active.

To motivate seniors to get started exercising, GoldCare 55+ is kicking off two new programs this year. The Mileage Club rewards consistent moderate exercise. Members keep up with their activities. And it’s not just for walking or jogging; every 20 minutes of uninterrupted exercise counts as one mile toward the program goals.

“Everything counts,” GoldCare 55+ Coordinator Shirley Holland told members at their monthly Lunch n’ learn. “Whether you are at TherapyPlus, at home or at a neighbor’s house.”

Better health is the main reward of the program and members can also earn a T-shirt. 

“Make a commitment to participate,” Holland said. 

A second group, the GoldCare 55+ Hiking Club, plans two moderate hikes this year. Various levels of fitness are welcomed. If you like to get out and walk, wish you had somewhere to enjoy nature and meet new friends, this club is for you.  

“This is another new fitness group – A Walk in the Woods,” Holland explained.

Each hike has options to hike a quarter-mile and stop, or continue up to 2 or 3 miles. Each hike will have easy, moderate and advanced options.  No hike is longer than 3 miles total. A healthy snack and bottled water will be provided. 

Hikes set for April, September

Thursday April 5th:  High Falls. Drive a short distance to High Falls to see a waterfall, cliffs and a bridge over the creek.
 Thursday September 27:  Guntersville State Park. Park and hike to an overlook and through the woods by the golf course.  

The meeting time and place are the same for both hikes – participants should meet at 10 am at the fireplace in the lobby of the Guntersville State Park Lodge. 

Bring a bottle of water, wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers. If you have your GoldCare 55+ name badge, please wear it.
Call Shirley Holland to register at 256-571-8025 or 256-753-8025 for Arab area residents. Hikes will be held rain or shine; however, they will be cancelled if lightning storms are present. Call to hear a voice message if the weather is questionable for an update.  (Day of the event emergency contact if you are unable to attend: 256.677.7222.) 

Great tips for any senior exercise

Marsha Chadwick, director of wellness for both TherapyPlus locations, offered tips for seniors to exercise without risking injury.
• Drink plenty of water. Urine should be clear if you are properly hydrated. 
• Wear proper shoes with thick soles. 
• Use a chair for balance. 
• Stretch first thing in the morning and several times a week for flexibility. 
• Get at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. Heart rate should be up and stay up throughout. 

“The only way it is considered exercise is to make your heart work harder,” Chadwick said. “That makes it healthier.”