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Fri, Nov 4, 2022 at 01:48 AM

Marshall Medical Centers Lowers Hiring Age To 17

Marshall Medical Centers has successfully added two 17-year olds to its staff after lowering the hiring age from 18 to 17.

Shelby Boggus and Haleigh Crump joined the team during October 2022 and are already exceeding expectations and fitting right in.

“We are so excited that we have been able to lower our hiring age to 17,” Jessica McClendon, Workforce Development Coordinator at Marshall Medical Centers said. “This is a great opportunity for students, just like Shelby and Haleigh, to gain work experience. We hope this opportunity can help Marshall County students discover what they are passionate about and help them develop and achieve their career goals.”

Boggus always knew she wanted to be in the healthcare field, but she truly got the confirmation she needed when she attended a career fair at Guntersville High School, where she is a senior. She spotted the Marshall Medical Centers table advertising the new program to hire 17-year olds, and knew she wanted to apply.

“I emailed my resume in,” she said, “and was hired pretty quickly.”

Unfortunately, an event happened that landed one of Boggus’ family members in the hospital, but it was there that she got to see her future play out right before her eyes.

“I saw how the nurses were treating my family and the things they got to do,” she said. “I remember thinking that I really could see myself doing that.”

The research really ramped up and Boggus set her career goal to become a nurse anesthetist. In October she began her healthcare career as a Physician Office Specialist-Student for Marshall Medical Centers.

When you don’t see Boggus roaming the halls at MMC, you can spot her on the 50-yard line of the Chorba-Lee Stadium at Guntersville High School, where she serves as dance team captain. She also is in the Guntersville Show Choir. As if she wasn’t already busy during the week with school and extracurricular activities, Boggus also works on the weekends at a local retail boutique.

“I have set big goals for myself,” she said. “I plan to put my first paycheck from the hospital in savings for college.”

Haleigh Crump fell in love with being around children, specifically babies. She saw MMC was recruiting volunteers and asked if there was any chance she could work on the labor and delivery floor. The OB department welcomed her.

“I had a couple of days free,” Crump said, “so I thought why not volunteer. I never thought volunteering would turn into me getting a job so quickly.”

The Crossville High School senior is also dual enrolled taking college courses at Northeast Alabama Community College. After graduation, she plans to go to nursing school, and one day hopes to become a labor and delivery nurse.

Crump made an impression on the labor and delivery staff while volunteering and Leanna Dilbeck, Director of Labor and Delivery at MMCS, guaranteed her a job the day she turned 18. Once the age was lowered to hire 17-year olds, Dilbeck jumped on the phone and called Crump immediately.

“She (Dilbeck) called me and told me she received an email about the new program to hire 17-year olds and wanted to know if I was interested,” Crump said. “I loved what I was already doing as a volunteer, so I knew I had to apply.”

Crump was hired in October as a Birthplace Patient Care Assistant.

“Haleigh is energetic and personable,” Dilbeck said. “She is eager to learn and willing to jump in and do whatever it is that needs doing. My hope is that she will love OB the way we do and will want to work here when she graduates nursing school.”

Just like Boggus, Crump has brought her future career goals to the forefront of her mind, but still does like to be a teenager.

“I love to go to concerts with friends,” Crump said. “I also focus on school work and play volleyball.”

Crump said she follows a schedule and is a planner.

“Finding that balance is the most important thing,” she said, “and surrounding yourself with people who support the balance.”

Marshall Medical Centers is continuing to hire 17-year olds, and all interested applicants should visit and type in the keyword ‘Student’ to view current opportunities. For more information contact Jessica McClendon at or call 256-840-4805.

“This program is giving me a head start in the medical field,” Boggus said, “and for that I am forever grateful.”