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Marshall North Volunteers with new wheelchairs
Purchased with revenue from fundraisers

Tue, Jul 27, 2021 at 05:00 PM

Hospital Auxiliary spends fundraiser proceeds on new fleet of wheelchairs

Volunteers give more than their time

Volunteers for Marshall Medical North used money earned from fundraisers and gift shop sales to buy a whole new fleet of wheelchairs for the hospital.

Wheelchairs used at hospital entrances were aging and breaking down. Volunteers are very familiar with the situation because they frequently push patients through the hospital if they have difficulty walking. When one volunteer had to transport a patient from the front to the back of the hospital in a chair with no footrests, they decided to take action to improve the situation.

“I just want to say “Thank you!” to the Auxiliary for purchasing wheelchairs for Marshall Medical Centers; not only for our hospital, but for the community and patients we serve,” said Amanda Hopson, the hospital’s safety officer. “Volunteers genuinely change the world, and we are so grateful for your support and the work you do.”

Officers of Marshall North Auxiliary met after getting prices from the hospital’s supply chain director. They decided to purchase 12 wheelchairs to be stationed in the main lobby, outpatient, ER and in the lobby of the Medical Plaza building. Two of the chairs are extra-wide and will accommodate up to 850 pounds. The total cost was approximately $3,000.

“We are so excited to be able to purchase these wheelchairs for Marshall North,” said Auxiliary President Betty Hendrix of Arab. “Our fundraising efforts (jewelry sales, book sales, the gift shop, etc.) have always been very successful and have allowed us to make purchases such as this. A special thanks goes to the ones who support our auxiliary sales.”

In the past, the Auxiliary has funded renovations of the lobby and OB department, purchased a mechanical chest compression device for ambulances, exercise equipment for Marshall Wellness and awarded scholarships to Junior Volunteers.

Anyone interested in becoming a hospital volunteer should call Volunteer Services Director Rose Myers at (256)571-8010 or email rose.myers@mmcenters.