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Mon, Apr 1, 2024 at 03:18 PM

Hospital Auxiliaries teamed up with The Foundation for Marshall Medical Centers to replace all portable chemo pumps for patients at the Cancer Care Center.

Earlier this year, Brandon Evans, Oncology Operations Manager, approached the Marshall North and South Volunteer Auxiliaries and The Foundation for Marshall Medical Centers for help replacing aging chemo pumps. The portable pumps are sent home with chemotherapy patients so they can get treatment around the clock. The old pumps were malfunctioning and leaking toxic chemo onto patients, causing them to have to travel back and forth to get a working one.

“We want to thank the South and North volunteers and the Foundation for their wonderful contribution to the Cancer Center,” said Director Kay Osborn. “Their donations that made possible the purchase of the ambulatory pumps for our patients were a blessing. Our chemotherapy patients were so appreciative and excited about their new pumps. Thank you so much for making this possible for our cancer patients who receive chemotherapy.”

Replacement pumps cost $1,937 each. Marshall North volunteers voted to purchase 12, South volunteers paid for four and the Foundation funded five. The total cost to replace all 21 was $40,677.

The pumps provided to patients at Marshall Cancer Care Center enable home infusions. Their compact design and user-friendly interface ensure safe usage at home. On-pump alarms and reports help minimize clinician visits, ensuring uninterrupted therapy and patient well-being.

“The Foundation was happy to partner with the Auxiliaries to help the Marshall Cancer Care Center,: said Andrea Oliver, Foundation director. “Many of our donors specifically request that their dollars be earmarked to help our cancer patients, so it was a blessing to have this opportunity.”

Evans said the improvement in treatment for patients will be phenomenal.

“The purchase of the pumps will allow us to provide exceptional care to the community for years to come,” he said.

The Auxiliaries work hard doing fundraisers and running gift shops to reinvest money into the hospitals. Filling this kind of need is exactly why they do it.

“We are pleased that we can provide this equipment for our patient’s needs,” said Kelly Stenson, president of the Marshall North Auxiliary. “Our purpose is to help the Medical Centers provide service to patients, promoting its public relations and in fundraising.”

“MMCS Auxiliary wanted to purchase chemo pumps to help the cancer patients at home,” said South President Raynell Hallmark. “We wanted to prevent them from having to get out in the weather.”