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GoldCare trip to Mooresville
GoldCare day-trippers enjoyed a visit to 1818 Farms as part of the Mystery Trip visit to Mooresville, Alabama near Huntsville.

Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 09:00 PM

From mystery to history to top of their game

GoldCare 55+ members enjoyed a great Mystery Trip that spanned the decades with adventures old and new.

Seniors brave enough to sign up for the GoldCare 55+ April Mystery Trip were surprised to find themselves touring a historic town and having dinner while swinging a club at TopGolf.

The first surprise for the adventurous group of 40 was a stop in Mooresville, a town of 54 residents near Huntsville that is older than the state of Alabama. Visitors toured 1818 Farms, where they fed chickens, petted a week-old lamb and watched a pig do tricks. The working farm also has a flower business and produces bath and beauty products.

GoldCare 55+ travelers then walked through public buildings of Mooresville, including the historic Brick Church and the Stagecoach Inn and Tavern. A homemade lunch was served in a barn by residents Woody and Lyla Peebles, who also run a candy shop in town.

The second half of the trip was much more modern. Travelers went to TopGolf, where they teed off to hit balls into electronic targets. A golfpro was on hand to help golfers make the perfect swing. 

Marshall Medicals’ GoldCare 55+ program is designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle for seniors. That includes monthly informative luncheons, seasonal parties, a free Health & Fitness day, as well as a safe travel program for seniors. Unlike other travel clubs, GoldCare 55+ is not a fundraiser and does not try to make a profit. This program offers high-end travel opportunities to local seniors at affordable group rates without commissions or mark-ups. 

You can find an application form at the GoldCare page here, or sign up at the GoldCare 55+ office at 2320 Homer Clayton Drive. For more information, call 256.571.8025 or email