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Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 07:18 PM

Foundation provides special way to honor your favorite physician

March 30 is Doctors’ Day 2018, and a reminder of Marshall County’s dedicated physicians.

We talk a lot about the importance of technology at Marshall Medical — investments in the absolute latest advancements for better health. But even more important than the technology are the doctors who make up our medical staff. Without their care and guidance, even the best technology falls short of its true healing potential. That’s why we take a moment on Doctors’ Day 2018 to say thank you to these caring professionals — and provide the opportunity for you to do the same.

Through the Foundation for Marshall Medical Centers, you can make a donation of any amount to express your appreciation to your favorite physicians. A special card will be sent to each doctor (amount of the donation won't be included) so they know just how much you appreciate their care and dedication. Just follow the link below to make a donation. 

There’s also a link to our Find A Doctor page in case you need office information, how to make an appointment or other details.Marshall County and surrounding areas are fortunate to have so many excellent doctors close to home - highly qualified physicians offering a wide range of specialties. Doctors' Day is a great time to say thank you and honor a favorite doctor through supporting the Foundation.


Donate Online here or call the Foundation for Marshall Medical Centers at (256) 571-8026

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Visit Find A Doctor page for details on Physicians