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Sun, Jun 16, 2024 at 06:51 PM

Evans’ Journey: A New Chapter with the Marshall-Jackson 310 board

The Marshall-Jackson 310 board is thrilled to announce Brandon Evans, the Oncology Operations Manager at Marshall Cancer Care Center, as one of their new board members marking a new venture in his professional career.

With this appointed position, he is eager to do his best to help further what his college encouraged him to do which is “give back to the community”. That is something he has experienced already.

Before working with the Marshall-Jackson board, he had an early role in giving back to his community. Evans started out in Cullman working with Help at Home and the Cullman 310 board. Marshall-Jackson noticed that experience and became interested.

“The leadership experience has helped me grow here and become a better person, be a better leader, be a better manager for the employees, physicians and most importantly the patients.”

Evans said taking care of those who can’t support themselves is the mission of the 310 board. “The goal is aiding people by giving independence toward those with intellectual disabilities.”

An example Evans used is providing a family with respite care.

Reflecting on his extensive experience in the mental health realm, Evans repeated the value instilled in him during college, which is giving back to the community while simultaneously building a career and helping others.