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Babysitter Bootcamp
The Babysitter's Bootcamp class had a good time learning how to safely take care of young children.

Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 05:00 PM

Babysitter's Bootcamp gives sitters a fun education

Marshall Medical-Red Cross partnership teaches kids how to make babysitting fun and safe.

Babysitting is not just for girls anymore. That was proven in this year’s Babysitter’s Bootcamp, which included a pair of brothers and a grandmother.

Paula Dahlke, a 57-year-old retired teacher aide, decided to sign up for the class to prepare to care for her new grandson. Despite having raised three sons, she felt that she could benefit from a refresher course.

“I wanted to learn child-infant CPR,” she said. “But all the other parts of the class sounded helpful too. I figured I could always learn something new.”
Step-brothers Owen Saint and Jacob Laughlin, both 11, hoped to gain skills so they could safely watch their 5-year-old brother. They goofed around some in typical boy style but they also seriously worked to accomplish childcare. They both said the class was fun and ‘cool.’

During the two-day class, students aged 11 and up learned how to handle situations that might occur while they’re babysitting, such as what to do if someone comes to the door or if the phone rings. 

They also practiced how to pick up a baby while properly supporting its head, how to bottle-feed, spoon-feed, burp baby and change a diaper. 

The second day focused on safety, including what to do if a baby chokes, how to control bleeding and CPR training. They also learned to make a sling for an injured arm. 

The annual class is a partnership between Marshall Medical Centers and the Red Cross, which provides certified instructors. Marshall Medical underwrites a portion of the class cost, and supplies a classroom, lunch and snacks. 

All students received a babysitting handbook and a CD to take home as a reference for the future.