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Athletic Trainers: Work Beyond the Sidelines

Wed, Mar 30, 2022 at 08:42 PM

Athletic Trainers: Beyond the Sidelines

In addition to their work in the schools, athletic trainers at Marshall Medical Centers are also serving our community on a corporate level.

National Athletic Training Month is observed every year in March. It is celebrated in recognition of the expertise and efforts of athletic trainers across the globe and is dedicated to all those who play a vital role in the development and care of athletes and individuals. What is an athletic trainer? Athletic trainers work with athletes and individuals to strategically prevent injuries, provide immediate treatment of injuries that occur during athletic events and help people to rehabilitate from injuries so they can continue to compete or work. There are five full time athletic trainers at Marshall Medical Centers who serve in six area schools and local businesses. Hundreds of people around Marshall County receive high quality medical care on their campus or at their work place every year due to the hard work and dedication of athletic trainers.

In addition to their work in the schools, athletic trainers at Marshall Medical Centers are also serving our community on a corporate level. Much like athletics, many occupations take a toll on the body, which is why several local businesses have seen the benefit of utilizing athletic trainers on site. In 2016 a partnership with Mitchell Grocery was formed to provide an Injury Prevention Specialist to work in its warehouse in Albertville to teach employees proper lifting techniques, correct body placement and ergonomics. “We evaluate the employees' needs; we look at data and ask ourselves some questions such as, what kind of work is causing the most injuries? Which type of strain or injury is most common?” said Caine Buff, Athletic Training Manager at Marshall Medical Centers. “Once we see what the need is, we can better coach the staff to hopefully prevent future injuries.” As a result of these preventative measures, costs for workmen's compensation decreased significantly and more importantly so did the number of injuries. 

“An additional benefit for our employees is that the assistance that the athletic trainers provide goes beyond just workplace injuries and prevention,” stated David Benefield, Safety Director at Mitchell Grocery, “No matter what the injury is from, whether work related or not, they help us get through it.” Whether an injury is from rolling your ankle while unloading boxes or an injury from a weekend game of golf, the athletic trainers at Marshall Medical Centers are on site to help these employees heal and work hard to prevent problems for the client down the road. “Our employees often work in a way similar to athletes. They need to be warming up and stretching to make sure their bodies are ready for the work they’re putting in. We care about our team and want to make sure they leave here even healthier than when they came in,” said Benefield. In addition to Mitchell Grocery, the Marshall Medical trainers also work with Highline-Warren and most recently Sand Mountain Park.

If you have a business that could benefit from the skills and expertise of on-site athletic trainers, look no further than the staff at Marshall Medical Centers. Got questions? Contact Athletic Training Manager Caine Buff at