HealthyHer, For Women's Health

The HealthyHer Program at Marshall Medical

In a world of one-size-fits-all healthcare, we’re giving women’s health the special attention it deserves.

At Marshall Medical, we’re committed to women’s health in a big way. HealthyHer is a free program designed to give females in our community the focused care and attention they deserve. For moms-to-be there’s Baby, Oh Baby!. For pre-teens there’s SmartStart. And for all members great discounts from participating retailers and restaurants add to the benefits.


Marshall Medical has partnered with several businesses located within the county to make special deals on purchases available to HealthyHer members when they show their vendor discount card to participating retailers and restaurants.


If you’re an expectant mother, you’ll love Baby, Oh Baby! The program offers comprehensive benefits ranging from classes to help you prepare for baby to a special post-delivery dinner for mom and dad.

  • 3D/4D Ultrasound (details provided by your OB physician)
  • Baby Ready classes (details provided by your OB physician)
  • Private nutrition consultations
  • Special dinner for Mom and Dad
  • Meal vouchers for Dad and family
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A program designed to benefit pre-teens facing puberty, this component of HealthyHer features a health-education outreach for this critical age.

  • Puberty education from a medical professional
  • Fitness and personal training
  • Appropriate skin care
  • Healthy self-image development
  • SmartStart program for boys on becoming a man led by a medical professional

Each student is given a comprehensive book to continue the conversation at home with a parent.