Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehab program gives you the confidence to move forward.

Marshall Medical Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac rehab is about having confidence in your physical condition and doing something for yourself.

It's about making a commitment to your body and your health. And no one can do that except you. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Marshall Wellness Center is a support program which includes exercise, education and counseling designed to strengthen your heart and lungs and educate you about the risks of smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inactivity, excessive weight, stress, and heredity. The skilled professionals at Marshall Wellness Center will teach you to manage these risk factors, show you how to take control of your life through exercise, and help return you to a full, active and healthy lifestyle.

Do I need Cardiac Rehabilitation?

If your physician has diagnosed you as having a heart or lung condition, or you have experienced a heart attack or surgery, you could benefit from our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. And remember, you are not alone. Roughly 43 million Americans have one or more forms of heart or blood vessel disease. You can greatly improve your condition, but you have to make a commitment to yourself and undergo some basic changes in your health habits.

Begin living life again. Three Steps to a Healthier Heart

Step One: Evaluation

Your Cardiac Rehabilitation Program begins with an evaluation of your total body health and condition. Your evaluation, along with your doctor's recommendation, gives you and the staff a starting point so that together, you can set realistic goals for yourself and your program.

Step Two: Exercise

The exercise element of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is divided into two stages: Monitored Exercise and Supervised Exercise.

Monitored Cardiac Exercise

Monitored Exercise classes include up to 36 sessions. Each participant's heart is constantly monitored by the Marshall Wellness Center staff; and exercise programs are progressed as you become stronger. If the staff notices that your heart rate gets too high or that you are experiencing any problems, the activity is stopped and the appropriate regimen changes are made. The full resources of Marshall Medical Centers are at hand should any need arise.

Supervised Exercise

Following your successful completion of the Monitored Exercise sessions, you may graduate to the Supervised Exercise stage. This second stage allows you to exercise without a heart monitor. The Supervised Exercise stage keeps you from losing ground following completion of the Monitored Exercise stage, and can last as long as you desire.

Step Three: Education

The education element of the program goes hand-in-hand with the exercise program. Topics include life after a heart attack or heart surgery, healthy eating habits, stress control, cholesterol level control, medications and their effects, warning signs, and other topics which may concern you or other program members. The staff is always available for private consultation as part of our overall Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Convenient, Comprehensive Facilities

Marshall Medical Centers' Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs are provided at Marshall Wellness Center, a free-standing building adjacent to the Medical Center. In addition to the Cardiac Rehab programs, the facilities feature physical therapy, sports medicine, wellness classes, industrial screenings, speech therapy, massage therapy, and a full-range of fitness memberships. You'll find state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a carpeted track, a 4-lane indoor lap pool, and a heated therapy pool, along with other equipment, programs, and services designed to help condition your heart and lungs. Professionally trained doctors, nurses, and staff monitor your progress to make sure your program continually meets your goals and objectives.


Cardiac Rehabilitation at Marshall Wellness Center is open to all patients with a physician's referral. The program accepts a broad range of insurance plans to make it available to everyone. Each program is individually designed to meet your cardiac therapy needs. To find out more about Marshall Medical Centers' Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, call: Marshall Wellness Center North at 256.571.8850 or 256.753.8850 for Arab area residents. Marshall Wellness Center at Marshall South can be reached at 256.840.3348