Marshall North and South DAISY Award Winners and Nominees

DAISY Award nominations are accepted at any time. Winners are selected for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter nomination periods, with the most recent winners and nominees listed below.

DAISY Award Winners - Winter, 2024

Marshall Medical South

Nathan Lee, Acute Care

Nathan could have easily said it was not possible, but instead, he went above and beyond showing compassion to the patient and the situation. If it was not for Nathan, this patient may have never received closure.

Congratulations Nathan!

Marshall Medical North

Andrea Smith, Emergency

She spent a great deal of time comforting the family and giving them ample time to make arrangements to move forward. Witnessing Andrea shed tears with a family that she does not know personally reminded me of what makes our hospital special.

Congratulations Andrea!

DAISY Award Winners and Nominees



In your nomination form, include as much detail as possible not only about what your nurse did that made a difference in your experience, but also explain how your nurse’s care made you feel.

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