Oncology Services and Radiation Treatments

Convenience, Compassion, and Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Options.

Marshall Cancer Care Center Services

The Marshall Cancer Care Center offers the latest oncology treatments and radiation services for the many cancers that respond to well-established treatment protocols.

We provide the latest, multi-disciplinary techniques for both radiation and medical oncology. Each patient receives a customized treatment plan, delivered with compassion and true caring. In fact, our patients often comment on the caring environment at the Cancer Care Center - they note how much that helps as they face a challenging and life-changing process.

Many factors affect the type of cancer treatment a patient may receive, including the type of the cancer, where it is located, the stage of the disease, and other aspects of the patient’s health. Treatment methods range from surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to hormone therapy, biological therapy, stem cell transplant experimental treatments and possibly other alternative therapies.

Oncology Services:

  • Radiation Oncology – Includes the newest equipment/technology for the localized treatment of affected cancer cells.
  • Medical Oncology – Includes comfortable treatment areas where family and friends can support chemotherapy patients during treatment.
  • Teamwork Concept – A well-rounded team of physicians, technologists and compassionate healthcare providers is a key element of the Cancer Care Center.

Advanced Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a key component of many cancer treatments. In the past, that could mean lengthy radiation sessions which put extra demands on the patient. Thanks to the advanced technology of the Trilogy Linear Accelerator, Marshall Medical patients will benefit from much faster treatment times. Plus, Trilogy provides much greater accuracy, sparing healthy tissues to an extent not possible until recently. As one of the major investments at the new Marshall Cancer Care Center, the Trilogy Linear Accelerator will pay huge dividends to local patients. Combined with the experienced care of local professionals, Trilogy offers another benefit of having excellent cancer cancer closer to home.

Educational Videos — Radiation Therapy

As the world’s premier radiation oncology society, ASTRO has created a series of patient education videos to explain what to expect when receiving radiation therapy for cancer.

The link below takes you to the ASTRO website where you can view the videos.

View The Videos

View The Daisy Awards for Oncology Nurses

Additional Services:

  • Greater and more timely access to cancer care via a convenient and easily-accessible location.
  • Privacy, confidentiality, comfort and amenities for cancer patients and their families.
  • Patient Navigator to help patients and their families facing an extremely challenging time in their lives.
  • Special Resources include Support Groups, Nutrition Services and a Resource Cafe help patients maintain a positive quality of life while undergoing treatment, during recovery and in remission.