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Press-Ganey Surveys

We have partnered with Press Ganey® to conduct patient experience surveys.

You may receive a survey by mail, email or text message. Please complete the survey, we will use your feedback to make improvements. Your responses will be kept confidential.

Press Ganey is an approved survey vendor that uses a standardized method to collect feedback about your experience. Results help us evaluate and improve the care we provide.

If you are contacted by any of the following, rest assured it is a legitimate note from Press Ganey seeking your feedback about Marshall Medical:

  • Text messages will always come from 91994.
  • Emailed surveys will always come from
  • Mailed surveys will clearly state “Marshall Medical Centers” on the envelope.
  • We respect your time and your privacy. If you receive a communication from a source listed above, please complete the survey. Marshall Medical is committed to continually improving; your survey responses are important to ensure we provide excellent patient care.