Sleep Technologist Training Program

Start a fast-track career path in a high-demand field.

Marshall Sleep Medicine Academy’s A-STEP training program is a great start for a professional career.

Next available class: June 17-28

The Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program (A-STEP) provides education and training that develop the skills to work as a licensed sleep technologist. These professionals are responsible for administering sleep tests to patients, as well as providing patient care and education at a sleep facility such as Marshall Sleep Disorders Center.

The program provides an excellent professional career opportunity for those with a high school diploma or GED, as well as others interested in a healthcare career. During the A-STEP 80-Hour Introductory Course, students learn through both classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training for a well-rounded educational experience.

Following successful completion of the course and its final exam, students will continue their education through Online Self-Study Modules while completing on-the-job training provided by their employer.

Fast-track your Sleep Technologist career by enrolling today.

  • The A-STEP program provides professional training in a condensed timeframe.
  • 80-hour program from accredited A-STEP Introductory Course Provider.
  • Open to those with high school diploma or GED.
  • Well-rounded educational experience.
  • Real-world clinical training in the field of sleep technology.
  • Obtain knowledge and tools needed to begin working as a sleep technician.
  • Course concludes with an associated online final exam.
  • Education continues with series of Online-Self Study Modules, completed on the job or prior to employment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the MSMA A-STEP program?
$3,000.00 and must be paid prior to being put on the class roster.
Can I make payments towards the MSMA A-STEP tuition?
Yes you can. These can be made in person at the outpatient registration desk located at Marshall Medical Center South, Monday thru Friday 7am - 6pm. You can choose the increments in which you wish to pay, but the full tuition cost of $3000 must be paid prior to being accepted into the program and entered onto the next course schedule.
The program says it’s a 10-day, 80-hour didactic course. How are the classes scheduled?
Classes are scheduled Monday thru Friday from 8am until 5pm, for two straight weeks. For example, classes are held Monday thru Friday, April 8 thru and completing on Friday April 19th. There are no classes on the weekend in between the two-week course. A couple of the evenings during the course you are offered an opportunity and encouraged to shadow as much of a live sleep study as you can at the Marshall Sleep Disorders Center.
Do you get paid while attending the course?
Depends. If you’re employed as a sleep tech, and your employer is sending you thru the A-STEP training, they may pay you while you’re in training. However, the Marshall Sleep Disorders Center does not pay participants to attend the classes.
When is the next class scheduled?
Classes are booked on an as needed basis, and when the medical director’s schedule allows. We will post the next date of courses once it’s set on the Sleep Academy’s website.
Can I just show up and pay for a class on the first date of the posted class?
No. You must to have an acceptance letter for the MSMA A-STEP course. You must present the letter in order to get into class on the first date.
What are the class sizes?
Class sizes are intentionally kept small - typically four – six students.
Do you guarantee employment?
While we cannot guarantee employment in any sleep disorders center, we will provide you with a list of sleep centers with current openings seeking trained sleep technicians. You are responsible for applying and completing applications etc.
Do you have employment opportunities at Marshall Sleep Disorders Center?
Yes. From time to time we do have the need for night techs and would consider candidates for the position after they have successfully completed the A-STEP requirements.
I see there is a final test the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) requires you to pass after you have completed the A-STEP program. Do you protector this test as part of the course?
Yes. On the final day – during the final three hours of the class - we offer the A-STEP final as the last requirement for completing the course. Marshall will reimburse the $50 fee for that test.
I see there are modules that must be completed after successfully completing the A-STEP course. Do I pay for these?
Yes. After the course completion you are responsible for continuing the next required steps of completing not only the modules but the clinical hours by working at a sleep disorders center.