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Steve King retirement, TherapyPlus
Steve King received a warm retirement send-off from staff and friends at TherapyPlus.

Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 07:00 AM

Steve King leaves TherapyPlus after a quarter century

Steve King was instrumental in developing a high level of physical therapy services for Marshall County and nearby areas.

The staffs of TherapyPlus North and South said goodbye to their fellow therapist, Steve King, on his retirement after 25 years with the facilities. 

Staff members signed large banners that greeted him with good wishes for his future. His last day was June 28.

“I will certainly miss my friends and former employees at both offices and hospitals who have sincerely grown to be a part of my “family” for almost three decades,” King wrote in his own Facebook post last month. "I want to emphasize the fact that I personally have been only a small part of the success of TherapyPlus. Over these many years my staff helped me to prove that excellent high quality physical therapy can indeed be done outside of the big ‘home’.”

King is not headed for the rocking chair yet, however. After driving back and forth to his home in Birmingham, he plans to continue doing physical therapy close to home. 

Teamwork made the difference

King set out to build his own facility decades ago when he was approached by Marshall Medical CEO, Gary Gore. The two decided to combine resources with the hospital providing the facility and equipment and King providing the staff and service needs. This same concept at North was replicated similarly at South four years after the initial start. 

“I am very proud of what the hospitals and my practice have been able to jointly provide over these many years,” King said. “Therapy Plus has been and continues to be one of the finest and largest therapy clinics (north and south locations) in North Alabama. I am proud of the reputation we’ve jointly developed and the quality care we’ve been able to provide over many years. We’ve been able to deliver consistent quality therapy which has allowed Marshall County and other local residents to avoid driving to Huntsville or Birmingham for their therapy needs. Not only have the facilities here been extremely well-equipped.....the service provided has been exceptional, in my opinion.”

Gore and Bill Kirkpatrick, director of business development at Marshall Medical, said TherapyPlus has touched more than 400,000 people and worked with 300 physicians during the past 25 years. 

“Both our citizen and medical communities have been well served by you and the employees of Physical Therapy of North Alabama over the course of the years,” they wrote in a personal letter to King.  

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