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Roseanne Jones Healthcare Hero
Roseanne Jones of Marshall Medical receiving her Healthcare Hero award from Shaftel Benson representing Quality of Life Health Services.

Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 03:00 PM

Roseanne Jones named Healthcare Hero by quality of life group

Recognition comes during National Health Center Week.

Marshall Medical's physician liaison has been designated a Healthcare Hero by Quality of Life Health Services.

Roseanne Jones received an award commending her “for being a Hero in Health Care, for your support of Community Health Centers and Quality of Life Services.”

Jones was very grateful to have been selected for the award. 

“Quality of Life provides a great service to the communities they serve,” she said. “As an organization, Marshall Medical Centers’ entire staff works hard to ensure all provider and patient needs are met. It is an honor to be recognized by such a dynamic group of healthcare professionals.”

Quality of Life Health Services is a private, non-profit, federally-funded organization providing healthcare in communities since 1977. It has 24 clinics in 18 counties in Alabama. Quality of Life has one clinic in Marshall County, the Douglas Medical Center. Nearby clinics are also located in Sardis and Geraldine. 

National Health Center Week was celebrated during the week of Aug. 13 to honor health centers and the important work they do in local communities. Quality of Life asked its site managers to nominate a deserving person in the community, according to Tina Lucas, marketing coordinator for QOL. Site Manager for the Northern Division Randy Keahey nominated Jones for the recognition. 

“This is a weeklong celebration of health centers and the incredible work they do in our communities,” Lucas said. “Monday the 13th was set aside for us to honor Health Center Heroes.”

Jones has worked as physician liaison for Marshall Medical for five years. She is married to Jeff Jones, the COO for The Schools of Guntersville. They have two children. Emily is a sophomore at Guntersville High School. Connor is serving in the Army and currently stationed in Hawaii.